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New wood bundles available!

Collections of pre-selected stripwood packages have been added to our line of Lumber Store kits. If you're unsure which wood sizes you need to start your Mt. Albert Scale Lumber library, these bundles will make that easy! Available in a variety of packages. Each bundle has 12 strips of 24 different sizes of 16" lengths of strip wood.
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News From The Past

News From The Past

Fast Tracks Logo

New Fast Tracks Website Launched

After two years of design and development, the new Fast Tracks website is live with many new features and improvements! Keeping up with the ever changing requirements of a fully ... Read more

New Cart Level Discounts added.

We've added a new discounting system to the Fast Tracks website, Cart Level Discounts. Simply, the more you add to the cart, the more significant the available discounts.

Fast Tracks WayPoints Program Ending

After 13 years of rewarding our customers with the Fast Tracks WayPoints program, we have decided to wind it down on June 15, 2023. Don’t worry; your points, which would ... Read more
45 degree double diamond

45° Diamond Line Crossing Kits Now Available

Continuing our development of highly detailed kits for building crossings, 45° HO scale code 70,83, and 100 has been added. The same precision and fidelity have been used in this ... Read more
The Slicer by Ultimation Tools

The Slicer from Ultimation Tools added to the Fast Tracks line

Over a year in development, The Slicer is the ultimate tool for making precise square cuts in wood & thin plastic material. There are a few woodchoppers and slicers available to ... Read more
30 Degree Diamond Link Crossing Kits

30° Diamond Line Crossing Kits Now Available

In addition to the 90° HO scale single, dual, and quad Diamond Line crossing kits, the line now includes a 30° version. Available in single, double, and quad versions in ... Read more
90 Degree Crossing Kit

90° Diamond Line Crossing Kits added

After 17 months in development, the first of the Diamond Line Crossing Kits are now available to order from Fast Tracks! Diamond Line crossing kits take the construction of detailed ... Read more
Repeater – Sander Add-On Tool

The Repeater add-on for the Ultimation Sander

The latest goodie from Ultimation tools! The add-on Repeater attachment for the Ultimation makes producing multiple identical parts a snap. Accurate to within a few thousandths of an inch each ... Read more
Ultimation Sander

Fast Tracks adds The Ultimation Sander

Fast Tracks is the exclusive distributor for the first of what we hope is a long line of innovative tools by Ultimation. Developed by Al Collins, the founder of Mt. Albert ... Read more
Trifecta Three Point track gauge

Fast Tracks adds Trifecta Three-Point Track Gauges.

Trifecta Track Gauges are available in 52 different combinations! Filling a long-needed gap in the hobby, Fast Tracks has added Trifecta 3 Point track gauges to their line of tools. ... Read more
Last Resort Chairs kit from Mt. Albert

Last Resort Chair Company. O Scale Laser Cut Kit

The latest release in the Mt. Albert Scale Models line is available online now! This is the 12th kit from Mt. Albert Scale Models and the first kit developed with ... Read more
Bulk Ties now available.

Bulk quantities of Cross Ties now available!

Buy Cross Ties in bulk and save 10-15%! Have a lot of ties to lay? Fast Tracks offers bulk quantities of Mt. Albert Scale Lumber White Pine Cross Ties. 5000 ... Read more
Mt. Albert Scale Lumber Logo

Fast Tracks to buy Mt. Albert Scale Lumber

Fast Tracks is about to get a whole lot bigger! In October 2016, Tim Warris and Gerry Cornwell started to explore the possibility of Fast Tracks taking over Gerry's company, ... Read more

One More Year

Fast Tracks Invests in Compassionate Care. For the entire month of September, 10% of all Fast Tracks sales will be donated in Lionel Strang's name to the Psychosocial Oncology Clinic ... Read more

Make us an Offer! category added.

For various reasons, we occasionally make an item we do not need. Over time this excess inventory tends to build up, and we sell these items at a significant discount. ... Read more
Code 40-55 Rail Cutter

Code 40-83 Small Rail Cutter

Fast Tracks is now offering a small, flush-cut rail cutter that is ideal for cutting Code 40 and Code 55 rail. Flush cut pliers are the best method for cutting ... Read more
Copperhead PC Board Ties

CopperHead PC Board Ties

A completely new approach to manufacturing PC board ties, our CopperHead ties are routed from solid PC board material instead of the traditional method of stamping or shearing. This new ... Read more
SideWinder Horizontal Mount for BullFrog Switch Machines

SideWinder Horizontal BullFrog Mounting Kit

To reduce the space required to mount a BullFrog manual switch machine even further, a SideWinder mounting kit will allow a BullFrog switch machine to be mounted horizontally in as ... Read more

BullFrog Bulk 5 & 10 Packs

Most orders we receive for BullFrogs and Control Rods are typically for multiple units, so it made sense to us to add bulk packs to our BullFrog line. 5 and ... Read more
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Follow us on Facebook!

Why follow on Facebook? What's all the hype about? Our Facebook presence will allow modelers to keep up to date with the latest developments at Fast Tracks, take advantage of ... Read more