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Just the Wood. S Scale 6x6 through 12x24


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We can ship the WB-S-B immediately. If you order more than what we have available, the additional units will be automatically added to our production queue.

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1 in stock

Want just the wood bundle that is included in our Lumber Store kits? We offer several pre-selected collections of packaged stripwood as a quick way to start your wood supply or to replenish your Lumber Store rack. One simple click will add 24 sizes of wood to the cart in one simple bundle.

16″ lengths of each of the following S scale stripwood are included:

6×6 – 12pcs

6x8 – 12pc

6×10 – 12pcs

6×12 – 12pcs

6×14 – 12pcs

6×16 – 12pcs

6×18 – 12pcs

8×8 – 12pcs

8×10 – 12pcs

8×12 – 12pcs

8×14 – 12pcs

8×16 – 6pcs

8×18 – 6pcs

10×10 – 6pcs

10×12 – 6pcs

10×14 – 6pcs

10×16 – 6pcs

10×18 – 6pcs

12×12 – 6pcs

12×14 – 6pcs

12×16 – 6pcs

12×18 – 6pcs

12×22 – 6pcs

12×24 – 6pcs

A matching Lumber Store complete with S scale lumber in sizes from 6×6 through 12×24 is available here.

The Lumber Store rotating rack is also available on its own without wood, which is great for storing any long materials. A set of blank labels is included. Click here for details.



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