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Trifecta 3 Point Track Gauge S High Rail Code 125


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8 in stock

Use our Trifecta three-point track gauges when hand-laying trackwork for precise gauging. A three point track gauge is the most effective way to hold rail while building any trackwork. They will hold rail perfectly parallel in straight and curved sections when used in pairs.

Fast Tracks "Trifecta" three point track gauge is the most precise track gauge available. Billet machined from a solid, single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum ensures perfect gauging.

Many years in the making, Fast Tracks Trifecta track gauges fill a large hole in the hobby, a line of gauges for all combinations of rail in all the popular gauges!

Trifecta gauges have a flat top surface, which is handy when needing to weigh down the gauge while working with them (PointForm tools make perfect weights!). A threaded 8-32 hole is provided for an optional shoulder bolt handle (available separately).

Large, easily visible "shoulders" along the track centerline make it easy to center the gauge to the ties while spiking.

Precise lugs hold the rail head securely in place. The curved design of the gauge lugs ensures a minimal gauging point and prevents binding on curves. The width of the gauge lugs is set to the NMRA standards for flangeways, so they can be used to gauge guard rails.

This S Hi-Rail scale, code 125 three point track gauge is set to 0.88" (22.4mm), the same gauge that our S Hi-Rail scale, code 125 Assembly Fixtures use.

Three-point track gauges are the type of tool where you can never seem to have enough on hand! Be sure to order at least 3.


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Watch as we billet machine Fast Tracks "Trifecta," an HO scale code 70/82 three point track gauge from solid aluminum.

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