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Tie Rack - Tie Jig for HOn30 Mainline - Moderately Misaligned


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PRICE : $22.95

Fast Tracks Tie Rack tie jigs for HOn30, Mainline trackwork makes it fast and easy to lay individual ties in a Moderately Misaligned manner on your roadbed, which will mimic the random tie placement on narrow gauge railroads.

Placing individual ties onto your layout one by one and ensuring that they are properly spaced can be both a tedious and challenging task. The Fast Tracks Tie Rack tie spacing jig makes this job faster and easier, replacing the tedium of working hunched over your layout with an evening of preparing strips of ties at your workbench in just a few easy steps.

Fast Tracks Tie Racks:

  • Can be used to create straight or flexible tie strips
  • Modular design means you can make jigs of any length
  • Pockets are cut to reproduce Moderately Misaligned tie spacing and positioning

Each Tie Rack package includes two 10" lengths. Puzzle like locking tabs allow you to connect Tie Racks together to create a jig of any length.


1 review for Tie Rack - Tie Jig for HOn30 Mainline - Moderately Misaligned

  1. 5 out of 5

    Bill Kemper (verified owner)

    I purchased this and several related products. All items received exceeded my expectation. The quality of the product and the final results are unbelievable.

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Track TypeMainlineThe tie spacing standard used.
Tie Length0.83" (21 mm)The length of tie that will fit into the pocket of a TieRack
Tie Spacing21" (533 mm)The prototype center to center distance between ties.
Tie Width0.07" (2 mm)The width of tie that will fit into the pocket of a TieRack
Tie RandomizationModerately Misaligned
TieRack Tie Jig Instructions

Instructions on how to assemble and use your TieRack tie jig.

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