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Knew Concepts 3" Jewelers Saw with Cam-Lever Tension


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30 in stock

This very high quality jewelers say produced by Knew Concepts features a laser cut sturdy aluminum frame, wood handle and a most impressive "lever cam" release to allow you to quickly open the saw. The tension adjustment works in unison with the lever cam to quickly reset the blade back to its pre-set tension.

Ideal for cutting isolation gaps in rail, this quality tool comes very highly recommended by Fast Tracks.

Use our Zona Saw Blades for cutting the perfect size rail gaps.

What more can you expect from a company like Knew Concepts whose motto is "Buy Once, Buy Well!" We couldn't agree more!

A similar version of this saw was recently featured in an article by Jack Burgess of the Yosemite Valley railroad in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. The saw we offer is slightly more expensive than the version used in the article as ours include the Lever Cam addition, a feature well worth the added cost!

As Jack Burgess says, "I love good tools, and don't hesitate to invest in them".

Using The Knew Concepts 3" Jewelers Saw

We have found the best way to cut isolation gaps in a turnout is to use a jewelers saw such as the Knew Concepts 3" Saw. Jewelers saws have a removable blade, allowing you to feed the blade in between the ties and re-attaching it to the saw. This gives you fine control over the cutting operation and works great in the smaller scales where a cut-off disk in a rotary tool is too large.

Below are a few videos showing how the Knew Concepts saw works and how the Lever Cam makes opening and closing the saw a snap! There is also a video showing how the gaps are cut in a small scale turnout. This video uses the Zona Jewelers Saw.

Documentation for the Knew Concepts Saw can be be downloaded from here.


6 reviews for Knew Concepts 3" Jewelers Saw with Cam-Lever Tension

  1. 4 out of 5

    Guest Reviewer

    Buy once, buy well ! This has never been so true. A real great tool. Cutting gaps is a charm. I would give a 5 stars if specification told about where and how to get replacement blades.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Gerry Cornwell (verified owner)

    I used this saw for the first time yesterday. Finally, a well engineered and built jeweller's saw. Like any good tool, it is worth the cost.

  3. 5 out of 5

    James Heinke (verified owner)

    works great to tension the blade while between the ties to cut the gaps in the rails

  4. 5 out of 5

    Ed Jameson (verified owner)

    I've used many of Fast Tracks products, and not found a clunker in the bunch. All very well designed, and extremely useful. In building my layout, the thing I most dreaded was building turnouts/switches; to my surprise, it's now my most enjoyable and satisfying activity in creating my dream layout (who'd a thought !). Thank you Fast Tracks ! This tool makes cutting "gaps" a snap !

  5. 5 out of 5

    James Moody (verified owner)

    Excellent Product, Works exactly as advertised.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Roberto Morelli (verified owner)

    This saw has nothing in common with traditional and cheaper ones. Very well built, it stands firm in your hand and turns the cutting job into a real joke. Everything is good but low weight is the masterpiece: using this tool you feel like you have nothing in your hand. I decided to buy because the traditional saw gave me many problems, it was heavy, difficult to control in delicate working and it was too easy to brake blades. With the Knew Concept I did lots of cut and I'm still using the first blade! Great item indeed!

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