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TieBreaker PC Board Cutting Tool For On30 #7 Turnouts


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Production Time: 1 to 3 days

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PRICE : $22.95

Want to reduce the time it takes to build a turnout by up to 30%? With the Fast Tracks TieBreaker PC Board cutting tool, you can!

By holding each PC Board tie at just the right position, the TieBreaker tool makes it fast and easy to cut each PC Board tie to the exact length that you need. Just cut the tie to length with a pair of rail cutters, file the ends of the ties with a file, and you are done in just a few minutes!

This TieBreaker tool is designed to work with the On30, #7 Turnout assembly fixture.

The TieBreaker comes as a laser cut kit and needs to be assembled. Assembly only requires some wood glue and a screwdriver.

How The TieBreaker Works

Using a TieBreaker

Start by inserting a PC Board tie into each pocket in the TieBreaker. Each slot in the TieBreaker will hold the tie in position to cut each tie at just the right size. A magnetic latch holds the top of the tool in place.

Using a TieBreaker

Next, cut the ends of each tie flush to the tool's edge with a pair of cutters.

Using a TieBreaker

Smooth the ends of the ties with a large file.

Using a TieBreaker

Open the TieBreaker tool and remove the cut ties.

Using a TieBreaker

Insert the cut ties into the fixture, and you are ready to solder!


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Using The TieBreaker PC Board Tie Cutting Tool

Cutting each PC Board tie to the length you need for a turnout can be tedious and drawn-out. Here Tim demonstrates how the Fast Tracks TieBreaker tool speeds up the process, reducing the construction time for a turnout by as much as 30%!

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