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O Scale 10" Long SweepSticks


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Use our laser-cut SweepSticks to aid in precisely forming O flextrack in a perfectly straight line. In addition to holding flextrack straight, SweepSticks can be used as an aid to track planning. They are also great for determining whether the desired radius will fit as planned before starting any track laying. No cheating with SweepSticks!

SweepSticks can also be used in hand laying straight and curved track; notches provide clearance for spiking. They work great for confidently centering the rail onto the wood ties. No more off-center track!

O SweepSticks track forming tools are:

  • Precise! - Form perfectly straight lengths of commercial flextrack.
  • Inexpensive - Priced to allow a modeler to build a library of sizes.
  • Versatile - All curved and straight O SweepSticks are interchangeable.
  • Robust - Don't let the wood construction fool you, SweepSticks are cut from stable aircraft grade plywood.
  • Multiple Use - Can be used to form flextrack, plan a layout, or as a tool for hand laying trackwork.
  • Vast - An extensive collection of radii is available, including custom sizes.
  • Compatible - O SweepSticks can be used with all types of commercial flextrack.

O SweepSticks are precision laser cut from 2mm aircraft grade Baltic Birch plywood. The multiple directions of the wood grain in plywood make it very stable and ideally suitable for SweepSticks. Each SweepStick size includes two 10" lengths that can be glued together to form a single, long piece. Additional lengths and sizes can be added to make a Sweep as long as desired.

  • The end of each SweepStick forms a box joint that is interchangeable with any other O scale SweepStick.
  • Centerline slots are provided for drawing track centerlines onto the roadbed.
  • Clearance is provided for spiking if the SweepSticks are used for hand laying track. Note: Due to limited clearance, HOn2, HOn3, HOn30, N, Nn3, and Z scales do not have notches for spiking.

SweepSticks Features

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ted Michaels (verified owner)

    Useful in laying my code 125 rail on my scratch built turntable bridge. I used pliobond glue, so the rail would not get distorted, when affixing to the bridge. The templates came in handy for this and after the pliobond cured I went back with the templates and affixed spikes to every other tie. These templates saved a lot of time and head aches !

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Track Gauge1.267" (32 mm)The distance between the stock rails.
Weight0.048 lbs (0.022 kg)
Material2mm thick 3 Ply Baltic Birch
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