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HO Scale 64" Radius SweepSticks


Built When Ordered

Production Time: 1 to 2 days

The SW-HO-C-64 will be automatically added to our production queue when it is ordered.

PRICE : $10.00

The HO Inch TieClip connector is used to join any HO Inch QuickStick or TwistTie flexible or fixed strips to any other HO Inch QuickStick or TwistTie flexible or fixed strip. They can also connect QuickSticks, or TwistTie strips to switches (turnouts, wyes, etc.) built using Fast Tracks Assembly Fixtures and QuickSticks.

A  TieClip is included with each QuickSticks and TwistTies strip, but you can order extra TieClips here to be sure you have plenty on hand.

25 Joiners per bag.


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Radius64"The radius these SweepSticks will form.
Full circle21Place an order for 21 sets of SweepSticks to create a complete 64" radius circle. Each set includes two 10" (304mm) lengths.
Track Gauge0.66" (17 mm)The distance between the stock rails.
Weight0.023 lbs (0.01 kg)
Material2mm thick 3 Ply Baltic Birch
How To Use Fast Tracks SweepSticks

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Creating Easements With Fast Tracks SweepSticks

SweepSticks track forming tools can be used for more than just creating perfect radiuses and straight track from flextrack. Different radius SweepSticks can also be connected together to create easements and spiral trackwork as well.

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