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Frog Helper for #5, #6 & #8 and ME Code 70/83 Rail


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This Fast Tracks Frog Helper soldering jig makes easy work of building precision frog points for #5, #6 & #8 switches with ME Code 70 & 83 rail. This simple jig works by holding the prepared rail at a precise angle so that the frog points can be pre-soldered. Its use is simple, slide the prepared rails into the jig, solder the points together, and you are done!

The Fast Tracks Frog Helper:

  • Is fast – Construct a set of frog points in minutes
  • Is easy to use – Rails are held in perfect alignment, making it easy to pre-solder the frog
  • Produces consistent, reliable results – Creates smooth operating turnouts every time!
  • Can be used to create curved frog points – Rail is pre-bent before using the jig
  • Can accommodate up to 3 different turnout sizes – This tool can be used to build frog points for #5, #6 & #8 switches

Frog points constructed with the Frog Helper are ideally suited for creating turnouts using Fast Tracks Twist Ties, but can also be used for any hand-laid trackwork. To make point building even easier, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing a matching PointForm tool. The PointForm tool will help you file precisely fitting frog and switch points quickly and easily and is an ideal companion to the Frog Helper tool. This tool has been designed to be used with our TwistTies products. It is not required if you purchase an assembly fixture. (The fixture itself can be used for this purpose.)

6 reviews for Frog Helper for #5, #6 & #8 and ME Code 70/83 Rail

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ed Jameson (verified owner)

    I’ve used many of Fast Tracks products, and not found a clunker in the bunch. All very well designed, and extremely useful. In building my layout, the thing I most dreaded was building turnouts/switches; to my surprise, it’s now my most enjoyable and satisfying activity in creating my dream layout (who’d a thought !). Thank you Fast Tracks ! This tool makes construction of frogs an easy and reliable process. One fixture makes all of my #5, #6, and #8 turnout frogs; the fixture has separate rail slots for each size.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Patrick Herzog (verified owner)

    Like the mainline straight tracks fixture, this one is also very well machined. Have used it for #6 curved points and can confirm that’s the best way to get beautiful results. Excellent tool.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Guest Reviewer

    Simply a great tool to make the frogs.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Eric Wollan (verified owner)

    Although I made my first several frogs free hand, this frog helper reduces time and allows production of a better, more reliable end product. Wish I would have picked this up in the start!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Robert Boorman (verified owner)

    Works great

  6. 5 out of 5

    Dennis Glynn (verified owner)

    This a handy tool for to prepare turnout frogs. I found it to be handy for mass production of turnouts for say a yard’

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Rail TypeMicro Engineering Code 70 & 83
#5 Diverging Route Angle11.31 (Decimal)
1:5 (Ratio)
Decimal = Frog angle in decimal degrees
D/M/S = Deg/Min/Sec
Ratio = Frog angle expressed as a ratio
#6 Diverging Route Angle9.46 (Decimal)
1:6 (Ratio)
Decimal = Frog angle in decimal degrees
D/M/S = Deg/Min/Sec
Ratio = Frog angle expressed as a ratio
#8 Diverging Route Angle7.13 (Decimal)
1:8 (Ratio)
Decimal = Frog angle in decimal degrees
D/M/S = Deg/Min/Sec
Ratio = Frog angle expressed as a ratio
SizeL - 6" (152 mm)
W - 5" (127 mm)
H - 0.25" (6 mm)
The physical size of the product
Weight0.327 lbs (0.148 kg)
Material6061 Aluminum
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