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Diamond Line HO Scale, 45° Code 83 Quad Crossing kit


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Production Time: 3 to 6 days

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PRICE : $279.80

Fast Tracks Diamond Line crossing kits go beyond just a few castings. They comprise a fully integrated system that enables anyone to construct a precise and attractive crossing with ease and efficiency.

Creating a precise crossing has always been a difficult task for hobbyists. However, now with Diamond Line Crossing Kits, it has become effortless. Fast Tracks has dedicated two years to developing a groundbreaking crossing-building system that simplifies the assembly of this otherwise complicated trackwork.Fast Tracks Diamond Line Crossing Kits make the job of building a good looking, accurate crossing much simpler. Precision cast parts and matching laser cut ties work together to ensure quick construction. Each of the castings is designed to press into matching laser-cut ties, automatically locating all the parts and electrical isolation gaps. The parts are simply pressed and glued in place. We recommend using Pliobond for this.

HO Scale 90 degree Diamond Line crossing castings.

The castings are made from a specially formulated Nickel Silver alloy, developed by Fast Tracks and cast in-house, by us, where we can monitor and control quality. This alloy was selected for its ability to mimic the appearance of a real crossing casting and also for its resistance to corrosion. Innovative pockets in the ends of the castings allow for matching rail to slip into the casting. This will ensure precise alignment of the rail and castings, eliminating any visual and operational issues. Rail of any length can be soldered to the crossing castings for smooth appearance and operation.

We highly recommend using Frog Juicers to control the polarity of the frogs in crossings. They make wiring and operating a layout with crossings a snap! A quad crossing has 8 frogs that will need to be switched, requiring 1 Hex Frog Juicer and 1 Dual Frog Juicer

In addition to the castings and laser cut ties, the Diamond Line kit also includes all the bits and pieces needed to successfully build a crossing, the first time in about an hour.

This kit contains enough product to build one quad diamond crossing.

Included in the kit are:

  • Individual frog castings and guard rail castings - mounted on laser cut bases to aid in polishing and cleaning
  • Matching precision laser cut ties - precisely matched to the castings
  • Copperhead PC board ties - PC board ties are used to anchor the rail in place
  • Enough matching rail to build one quad crossing - rail is pre-cut to length
  • 3 320 grit sanding blocks - laser cut sanding blocks are used to polish the tops of the castings
  • 3 600 grit sanding blocks
  • Wirebrush - a steel wirebrush makes quick work of polishing the raw castings, improving soldering

This crossing is also available as a single diamond and a double diamond kit.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to assemble your Diamond Line crossing.

Using The Multi-Brush Solder Paste Applicator For Soldering Trackwork

The Multi-Brush makes applying just he right amount of solder flux quick and easy. You will also find it a handy brush to have around for general model construction as well.

Solder Overview

Detail about the solder supplied by Fast Tracks for building all types of model trackwork.

Cutting Rail Gaps

We thought you might like this short video we produced showing the process of cutting rail gaps to isolate the frog in a Fast Tracks turnout electrically. This step is critical and can not be skipped. Otherwise, the track will have a dead short and can not be powered.

Assembling a Diamond Line Crossing

A computer rendering of the steps used to build a Diamond Line crossing from Fast Tracks.

Fast Tracks Video Channel

Visit our growing collection of track building demonstration videos

Fast Tracks Knowledge Base

In addition to an extensive Q&A section, we also offer a full library of track building documents.

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