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CopperHead HO Scale PC Board 2.5 Crossover Ties - 1/16"


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30 in stock

HO scale, 1/16" (0.062" / 1.6mm) thick CopperHead PC Board Ties are produced using Fast Track’s unique routing process that allows us to offer ties with a very clean edge, precise dimensions and are always perfectly flat. The copper cladding is paper thin, allowing you to cut the copper with a small file or rotary tool to isolate the rails. Both sides of the tie are copper-cladded.

Copper cladded fiberglass PC Board ties are used at strategic points in hand laid trackwork to hold the rails in gauge permanently. The PC Board ties are soldered into place with wood ties added to complete the trackwork.

Designed to span trackwork built on 2.5" centers (18 scale feet) track centers, our HO Crossover ties are specifically cut with extra long ties to allow a single tie to span both tracks. On a crossover, having one tie span the width of 2 tracks is standard practice. These ties are typically used in single or double crossovers.

When painted, the PC Board ties will become nearly invisible, blending in with the wood ties.

Using our printable tie templates as a guide, cut the ties to the lengths you need for your turnout. While specifically designed to fit all Fast Tracks assembly fixtures, they can also be used for any hand constructed trackwork.

Sold on a fret of 27 ties.

Tie Dimensions

PC Board Tie Dimensions

Size LengthWidthHeight
Prototype Imperial29'9" 5.5"
Model Imperial4"0.1"0.06"
Prototype Metric8.8m228.6mm139.7mm
Model Metric101.5mm2.6mm1.6mm


4 reviews for CopperHead HO Scale PC Board 2.5 Crossover Ties – 1/16″

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lewis Dean (verified owner)

    Well packaged, the ties were very cleanly cut. These were ordered on Fast Track’s suggestion as I needed long ties for some 3 way stub turnouts I’m making. The ties are more than long enough for my purposes. Very helpful people, if you don’t find what you are looking for just contact them and they can probably accommodate your needs. I have purchased a number of items from Fast Tracks in the past and have always found their products to be of the highest quality. They may be slightly higher priced than the competition, but like the man said, “If you want quality oats you have to pay a fair price. If you don’t mind oats that have been though the horse once, well they come a little cheaper.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ron Eberhardt (verified owner)

    I used item to modify older Atlas turnouts for DCC use. Worked great.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Carlo Ritter (verified owner)

    It’s great that multiple length options of these ‘consumables’ are being offered.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Mike Hughes (verified owner)

    These are ideal for crossings requiring longer ties.

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Default Turnout Length" ( mm)This is the length of the turnout on the QuickSticks. Measured from end tie to end tie.
Minimum Turnout Length" ( mm)This is the shortest possible turnout length. Measured from the end PC board tie to end PC board tie.
Diverging Route AngleStandard (Decimal)
1:Standard (Ratio)
Decimal = Frog angle in decimal degrees
D/M/S = Deg/Min/Sec
Ratio = Frog angle expressed as a ratio
Tie Spacing (Prototype)" ( mm)Tie spacing center of tie to center of tie.
Tie Size (Model)L - " ( mm)
W - " ( mm)
H - " ( mm)
The actual size of the tie.
Tie Size (Prototype)L - 29' (8.8 m)
W - 9"(229 mm)
H - 5.5" (140 mm)
The original tie size that the model was based on.
Secondary Frog Angle°The second frog angle for any switch that has two frogs.
Track Gauge" ( mm)The distance between the stock rails.
Track Spacing 2.5" centers (18.75 scale feet)" ( 2.5" centers (18.75 scale feet) mm)The center to center distance of the parallel track.
SizeL - " ( mm)
W - " ( mm)
H - 1/16" (1/16 mm)
The physical size of the product
Weight0.121 lbs (0.055 kg)
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