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10 Pack BullFrog Manual Turnout Control Kit


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PRICE : $90.00

3 in stock

Bulk package of 10 un-assembled BullFrog switch machines. Save $9!

One of the least expensive manual turnout controls available anywhere, the BullFrog not only offers a low-cost manual turnout control solution but includes all of the same features you come to expect from a turnout control plus more.

  • Integrated Control Rod Mount – You have to purchase this separately for other turnout controls
  • Automatic Power Routing – Integrated SPDT switch with the option of adding an additional switch for DPDT
  • Very Small Mounting Footprint – One of the smallest under-mount footprints available
  • Solid, Robust Operation – Thoroughly tested to over 100,000 operations!
  • Full Selection of Supporting Products – Control rods, joiner kits, rod hangers, panel knobs, etc.

This version of the BullFrog comes un-assembled and includes all of the parts you need to build ten complete switch machines, including:

  • All pre-cut wood pieces
  • Locking hardware
  • Control wire
  • SPDT microswitch
  • All screws, nuts & washers

To assemble the switch, you will need white glue. A modeling knife, fine sandpaper, #2 Philips screwdriver, and about 15 minutes. (The first one may take you a bit longer.)

The BullFrog is easy to mount under your layout with just two screws and will work with all scales from Z to O. The control wire offers high torque and a long throw, making it easy to mount the control with minimal alignment problems.

Use your own control rod, or purchase the control rod kit to connect the BullFrog to your control panel using a nylon control rod that includes a Z bend connector and decorative knob. We also offer several additional accessories.

Will the BullFrog fit under your layout?

Download the detailed dimensional diagram of an assembled BullFrog to be sure.

BullFrog Dimensional Drawing

The control rod (the rod that connects the BullFrog to your control panel) is sold separately and can be ordered from here.

The movement of the control rod is approximately 1″.

10 reviews for 10 Pack BullFrog Manual Turnout Control Kit

  1. 4 out of 5

    Larry Klose (verified owner)

    1. Goes together well. I used ACC instead of white glue which seems to work just fine, as long as the wood is well saturated–2 applications work best, the first to seal the wood and the second to complete the bond. Thin ACC is great because it will wick into the wood after dry assembly rather than requiring application before. 2. The panel for anchoring the turnout control can easily be assembled backwards–marking or a note on the instructions would be nice. 2. Under layout mounting could be easier, as there’s no good visual way to align the throw rod when under a large surface like a yard. 2. The throw wirecan be too stiff. I’m using PBL/Tomalco stub switches and the rod applies too much force to the stub throw bar–pushing it over the top of the limit “bump” on the head block. 3. An extra mounting flange would be nice to use as a drilling template. I can use one from the as-yet un-assembled units but that will end when I assemble the last one. 4. Screw size for mounting under the layout should be specified (it’s #6 US). 5. A simple lever device for reversing the throw of the turnout control rods would be nice. I’d like all of the primary route alignments to be pushed in but most of mine are turning out to be out because of my track configuration. 6. What the heck do I use to cut the throw wire? It’s so hard that it will damage any cutting tool I have except a cutting disk on a Dremel.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Paul Buhrke (verified owner)

    Third order for these. Using exclusively. Top notch and durable. No failures or mis-steps thru seven complete operating sessions.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Nathan Bertrand (verified owner)

    I have been using these fir all my switching needs and they are excellent, I run dcc and have them on my kids DC layout too. I would highly recommend them for your next switching need!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Dave Howie (verified owner)

    great turn out controls. Even better technical support from site

  5. 5 out of 5

    Arno Seitz (verified owner)

    well packed and fast delivery, assembled one already-good fit and easy assembly I can recommend thrse controls so far

  6. 5 out of 5

    Guest Reviewer

    Superb product that works as advertised. Do yourself a favor and watch the YouTube guide for assembly first then follow along.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Rick Coble (verified owner)

    The Bull frog’s are probably the best well thought out switch mechanism for the money. They are also simple to build and a enjoyable kit to construct. Well packaged with good instructions. I chose to use a ca glue to use and am extremely satisfied with the quick build times and end up with a great turnout control. Thanks for a great product.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Roger Van Parys (verified owner)

    I bought 20 Bull Frog machines… for my first segment. They go together quickly and are easy to install… The video is excellent and bears watching as assembly is not entirely idiot proof… Don’t ask how I know… Mistakes however are easily corrected … The machines provide solid electrical contact with the rails which greatly reducing stalling on short engines.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Martin Bulger (verified owner)

    First class product. Easy to assemble and easy to install.

  10. 4 out of 5

    Travis Gass (verified owner)

    Overall this is a good method for turnout control. Lubricate the turnout controller so it doesn’t seize. Would recommend against using any white glues. Use something stronger, stiffer, and that can’t be diluted by your glue/water running down from you ballasting your track.

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The BullFrog Switch Machine and Accessories

This all-in-one document provides complete instructions for assembling the BullFrog Manual Turnout Control, TadPole Remote Control Rod Mount, Control Rod Hanger/Joiner, Control Rod Kit, The SideWinder, and Decorative Knobs.

The BullFrog Manual Turnout Control

One of the least expensive manual turnout controls available anywhere; the BullFrog offers all the same features as more expensive turnout controls. It includes a full selection of options and accessories. This overview video explains how the system works.

Building The BullFrog Turnout Control - Part 1

Here Tim demonstrates how to put together the unassembled version of the BullFrog.

Building The BullFrog Turnout Control - Part 2

Here Tim demonstrates how to put together the unassembled version of the BullFrog.

Building The BullFrog Turnout Control - Part 3

Here Tim demonstrates how to put together the unassembled version of the BullFrog.

BullFrog Control Rod Kit

The control rod kit includes all of the parts that you will need to connect the BullFrog manual turnout control to your front panel.

BullFrog Dual Actuator For Free-Mo Layouts

The BullFrog Dual Actuator makes it easy to switch the BullFrog switch machine from both sides of your layout. Designed for Free-mo modules, the actuator can be used on any type of layout where you need to control the BullFrog manual turnout control from two locations.

BullFrog Manual Turnout Control - Stress Testing

Before releasing our new BullFrog manual turnout control, we built this test jig to stress test the design. After 100,000 cycles, the BullFrog showed no significant signs of wear. To simulate switching stress, we restrained the switch wire, which broke after 10,000 cycles, while the BullFrog was no worse for wear.

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