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BullFrog Control Rod Kit - 18"


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5 in stock

The control rod kit includes all the necessary parts to connect one BullFrog turnout control to your control panel.

Each kit includes:

Connecting the control rod is a simple matter of installing the Z Bend connector into the BullFrog, inserting the outer control rod (red) into the BullFrog control rod mount (it is a press fit), and then screwing the inner control rod (yellow) onto the Z Bend connector.

Control Rod Kit in place.

Control Rod mounted in layout fascia.

The control rod is mounted to the back of your control panel by inserting into a pair of laser cut bushings glued to the front and back of the fascia. The knob is then screwed into the end of the yellow control rod. The knob comes unassembled but can be put together in a few minutes with a bit of white glue.

7 reviews for BullFrog Control Rod Kit - 18"

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alan Mueller (verified owner)

    A great way to control the Bullfrog manual machine.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bernhard Gielau (verified owner)

    These Control Rod Kits are great for controlling my BullFrogs. Instead of mounting them directly into the fascia I cut a 2" diameter hole into the fascia which is 3/4" plywood. I then mount another piece of 3/4" plywood behind this hole and install the rod into this piece as per the Fast Tracks instructions. This has the advantage that when the rod is pushed in the knob is flush with the fascia. I really like the new method of anchoring the control rod tube to the fascia, Much easier than the clamp in the previous version. I don't bother with the star wrench. I assemble the knob onto the end of a control rod cut about 1" longer than needed. After cutting the control rod to the required length I tap the end with a 2-56 tap. Now I can just screw the rod onto the Z-Bend connector by twisting the knob. A drop of Piobond locks the rod in place.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Malcolm Alberry (verified owner)

    Bullfrog and Control Rod excellent products and fast overseas delivery to UK in 7 days from order received by Fastracks. Thanks, Malcolm.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Daniel Bloomer (verified owner)

    Very clever bit of engineering, easy to assemble and works very well at a reasonable price. Looks good too. What more could you want?

  5. 5 out of 5

    Gary Maitland (verified owner)

    The durability of the rods surprised me upon completion of my first BullFrog Manual Turnout. When I tested the control rod assembly, it worked without a hitch. Best of all, you can assembly the kit within minutes. Great product.

  6. 3 out of 5

    Nicholas Giordano (verified owner)

    Very difficult to figure out how and when to 'cut' the yellow rod and add the red rod around it. If you install the bull frog unit, then push the yellow rod through the hole in the layout fascia, then you have to try to cut the red rod and slide it on and get it to sit into the white washer. Not good, unless you can tell me a better way.

  7. 1 out of 5

    Graeme Schache (verified owner)

    Not assembled as yet but I love the whole bull frog idea.

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The BullFrog Switch Machine and Accessories

This all-in-one document provides complete instructions for assembling the BullFrog Manual Turnout Control, TadPole Remote Control Rod Mount, Control Rod Hanger/Joiner, Control Rod Kit, The SideWinder, and Decorative Knobs.

The BullFrog Manual Turnout Control

One of the least expensive manual turnout controls available anywhere; the BullFrog offers all the same features as more expensive turnout controls. It includes a full selection of options and accessories. This overview video explains how the system works.

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Here Tim demonstrates how to put together the unassembled version of the BullFrog.

Building The BullFrog Turnout Control - Part 3

Here Tim demonstrates how to put together the unassembled version of the BullFrog.

BullFrog Control Rod Kit

The control rod kit includes all of the parts that you will need to connect the BullFrog manual turnout control to your front panel.

BullFrog Dual Actuator For Free-Mo Layouts

The BullFrog Dual Actuator makes it easy to switch the BullFrog switch machine from both sides of your layout. Designed for Free-mo modules, the actuator can be used on any type of layout where you need to control the BullFrog manual turnout control from two locations.

BullFrog Manual Turnout Control - Stress Testing

Before releasing our new BullFrog manual turnout control, we built this test jig to stress test the design. After 100,000 cycles, the BullFrog showed no significant signs of wear. To simulate switching stress, we restrained the switch wire, which broke after 10,000 cycles, while the BullFrog was no worse for wear.

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