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HO Scale, #6 Double Slip-over Assembly Fixture for Micro Engineering 83 Rail


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What is a double slip-over?

A double slipover is a double crossover that uses slip switches instead of turnouts. Commonly found in passenger terminals, they are a real space saver and provide a focal point on any layout.

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Our Double Slipover fixture accurately allows the modeler to build a highly complex track section. This fixture will produce half of a complete double slipover. Two halves are assembled and then joined together to form a single unit. This is the same process used on our double crossover fixtures. Slipovers and crossovers can be mixed, using one half of a slipover and one half of a crossover.

One of the most fascinating pieces of trackwork a layout can have is a double slip switch. Typically used in the throat of passenger terminals, they can also be found just about anywhere on a railroad. In addition to looking great, they are also a major space saver when used properly. A double slip switch is two opposing direction turnouts overlaid onto each other. So a double slip switch can save the space of one complete turnout if you have a situation where two turnouts are laid opposing each other on the same line. Fast Tracks assembly fixtures will help you build high-quality hand laid track that:

  • Is Highly Accurate - Build slips that stay in perfect gauge - permanently
  • Performs Perfectly - Eliminates track related derailments
  • Is Economical - Build hundreds of slip switches with one fixture
  • Can Be Built Quickly - Build a slip in a few hours!
  • Looks Great! - Get results that rival even the most experienced modelers
  • Lets You Work in Comfort - Build trackwork at your workbench
  • Is NMRA Compliant - Will work with any NMRA compliant equipment

Craftsman Series ToolsThis product is part of our Craftsman Series of tools designed for modelers who want to go that 'extra mile' to produce outstanding trackwork. You should be prepared to spend extra time and effort learning how to use this product. Click here to learn more about our Craftsman Series of tools. You can build double and single slip switches using a Fast Tracks Double Slip Switch assembly fixture. Currently, we only have matching QuickSticks for Double Slip Switches, and we recommend adding some to your order. Single Slip Switches can be completed using individual wood ties, also available from Fast Tracks. If you order a Fast Tracks assembly fixture, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing matching PointForm and StockAid filing tools. This will make the construction of the switch and frog points much easier. Our #4, #5, and #6 slip switches use a solid frog in the centre frogs. That means there are no moving points in the middle of the switch. #8 slip switches have a much lower frog angle and must be built with moveable point frogs to be reliable. This adds to the time it takes to make this switch, as there are 12 moving points in the switch.

double slipover
Double Slipover at Toronto's Union Station

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Enter the number of switches you want to build in the top box and then click the Calculate Quantities button to determine how many products you should order.

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4 reviews for HO Scale, #6 Double Slip-over Assembly Fixture for Micro Engineering 83 Rail

  1. 5 out of 5

    George Meyrick (verified owner)

    I have a requirement for any 4 tracks at one side of an interlock to connect to any 4 tracks at the other side. All other combination of tracks (multiple double crossover and a double crossover with separate double slips) required too much space. Also, they would have S-turn, not good with long cars. This item solved my problem - less space and no S-turns. Also, it cost less than the commercial turnouts combine would. If you plan to build ones of these, practice first on a standard turnout, a standard double crossover, and a standard slip turnout. The skills you learn from these items will make assembling a double slip-over much easier. I am glad Fast Tracks added to their list of track assembly fixtures. Thank you guys

  2. 5 out of 5

    Harold Hoadley (verified owner)

    To solve a space problem in my passenger approach, I purchased this fixture several months ago as I needed a crossing with two slip switches. The fixture is a delight! Of course, with all trackwork patience is needed, it will be awarded. I did find one change from the instructions, I found that building the crossing frogs on the ties is difficult, especially for those of use with less than normal hand movements. What I did was to build the frogs for the crossing in the fixture without the ties to get the point angles exact. I do have the frog soldering fixture, but the rail lengths are so short that the fixture wastes a lot of rail. Adding the ties and then soldering the frogs to the ties was almost to easy. The fixture is cleanly machined and easy to use. I found that holding some of the rails in place took three hands. Replaced one hand with the point filing aid! Another trick I use is to place three point track gauges to keep the rail from trying to roll over when you remove your fingers. I find that sitting down at the workbench to use this fixture is relaxing and very satisfying. I needed one crossover, may build more just for the fun of it.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Stephen Richardson (verified owner)

    10 years ago I needed exactly this configuration for my city station throat. I kitbashed commercial slip switches from Walthers with a handbuilt crossover, and it has been somewhat functional since then. I have built trackwork using the Fast Tracks tools and fixtures, and am looking forward to using this one to replace that fussy bit of track and ugly plastic parts. In defense of the Walthers products, the ones that were not modified have worked fine. Thank you FastTracks for your excellent tools and fixtures.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Harold Renke (verified owner)

    This is a great addition to my collection of Fast Tracks jigs. The newest design of these jigs is better than some of the older ones. The tolerances are very exact. I have built several variations of this jig and all turn out to exact and perfect running. Thanks.

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Default Turnout Length28" (711 mm)This is the length of the turnout on the QuickSticks. Measured from end tie to end tie.
Minimum Turnout Length28" (711 mm)This is the shortest possible turnout length. Measured from the end PC board tie to end PC board tie.
Diverging Route Angle9.46 (Decimal)
1:6 (Ratio)
Decimal = Frog angle in decimal degrees
D/M/S = Deg/Min/Sec
Ratio = Frog angle expressed as a ratio
Diverging Route Radius43" (1092 mm)The minimum radius in a straight turnout.
Tie Spacing (Prototype)20" (508 mm)Tie spacing center of tie to center of tie.
Tie Size (Model)L - 1.17" (30 mm)
W - 0.1" (3 mm)
H - 0.0625" (2 mm)
The actual size of the tie.
Tie Size (Prototype)L - 8.5' (2.6 m)
W - 9"(229 mm)
H - 7" (178 mm)
The original tie size that the model was based on.
Track Gauge0.66" (17 mm)The distance between the stock rails.
Substitution Radius48" (1219 mm)The approximate radius that the diverging route of a turnout can be fit into. This calculation was made using the shortest possible turnout length measured from the edges of the PC board ties, not the wood ties.
SizeL - 13.5" (343 mm)
W - 6" (152 mm)
H - 0.25" (6 mm)
The physical size of the product
Weight1.94 lbs (0.88 kg)
Material6061 Aluminum
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