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Tie Rack - Tie Jig for HO Scale Mainline Track


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8 in stock

Fast Tracks Tie Rack tie jigs for HO, Mainline trackwork makes it easy to lay individual ties onto your roadbed.

Placing individual ties onto your layout one by one and ensuring that they are properly spaced can be tedious and challenging. The Fast Tracks Tie Rack tie spacing jig makes this job faster and easier, replacing the tedium of working hunched over your layout with an evening of preparing strips of ties at your workbench in just a few easy steps.

Fast Tracks Tie Racks:

  • Can be used to create straight or flexible tie strips
  • Modular design means you can make jigs of any length
  • Pockets cut slightly oversized to replicate the slight randomness that is typical of prototype ties

Each Tie Rack package includes two 10" lengths. Puzzle like locking tabs allow you to connect Tie Racks to create a jig of any length.

Tie Racks are also available for Branchline and Siding trackwork.

6 reviews for Tie Rack - Tie Jig for HO Scale Mainline Track

  1. 5 out of 5

    Francis H. Mcarthur (verified owner)

    Fine looking jigs. Will be trying them out over the winter, building an HO Freemo Module. If anything like the turnout kits, these will be prized tools!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Guest Reviewer

    Simply glue jigs to base. Then laying ties turn to be a charm. You can even allow a space every six ties. By doing so you are able to use Track Assembly Fixtures and Kits.

  3. 5 out of 5

    J Scott Walton (verified owner)

    For thirty years I have used a homemade version of this. Mine still works, but this is much better -- the ties (so long as they fit correctly) stay in place even when you jiggle the rack (and mine was getting warped with age). A suggestion -- draw a line down the exact center line of the surfaced of the rack, then use a narrow strip of tape on the center line to lift the ties. Now use that tape to position on your centerline on the layout. Alternate directions, so the tape is above and then below the centerline so the multiple strips can be laid. It would be very useful if FastTracks were to add the centerline to the original top (and bottom) surfaces.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Barry Silverthorn (verified owner)

    I also had a homemade styrene fixture that I made 20 years ago. The tolerances on Tie Rack are much better than mine ever were. I agree with Scott when he says that a lasered centerline might be helpful. I'd even go so far as to suggest adding guidelines for the rail locations. You never know how people are going to use these things, so any detail that's included could help them out. This item is worth every penny.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Warren Smith (verified owner)

    I'm handlaying some track on a display shelf. Couldn't get the ties on straight no matter what I tried until using the jig. Makes the job faster and much nicer looking.

  6. 4 out of 5

    William Lugg (verified owner)

    Like all of Fast Tracks products, the workmanship for this Tie Rack is excellent. It accepts the Kappler ties I'm using perfectly. If they could laser mark a center line down the thing that would help. Also, It would be helpful if they described the difference among the three tie racks. I ordered the Mainline and Branchline ones and found the Branchline Tie Rack has 4 fewer ties in a section and the ties are a bit more irregularly spaced...but you'd never know this to look at their sales info.

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Track TypeMainlineThe tie spacing standard used.
Tie Length1.17" (30 mm)The length of tie that will fit into the pocket of a TieRack
Tie Spacing20" (508 mm)The prototype center to center distance between ties.
Tie Width0.1" (3 mm)The width of tie that will fit into the pocket of a TieRack
Tie RandomizationNone
TieRack Tie Jig Instructions

Instructions on how to assemble and use your TieRack tie jig.

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