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Zona Adjustable Jewelers Saw


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31 in stock

The Zona Jewelers Saw has an adjustable flat wire steel frame with a chrome finish that accepts standard scroll, fret, or jeweler saw blades of any size. The adjustable frame allows you to extend the life of broken blades. Makes precise cuts in all types of metal and plastic.

We recommend adding a package of 12 No 2, 5", 43 TPI saw blades for cutting frog point isolation gaps. The blade included by Zona with this saw is unsuitable for cutting rail gaps. Additional packages of blades can be ordered from here.

2 reviews for Zona Adjustable Jewelers Saw

  1. 5 out of 5

    Edward Gascoigne (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this saw, it does what it is listed for.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Robert Goeller (verified owner)

    Overall I like this saw. It is a little more expensive than a hardware store coping saw but well worth the small additional cost. This is a very nice saw. I first used it to cope some moldings I was installing in the house and tried this saw with great success. I have used it to cut rail gaps as well (why I bought the saw) and it works well. I did find it a little cumbersome to install the blade after passing it between the rails of the turnout. /once the blade was installed it well although it tis a little tricky to get the blade started and care must be taken at the end of the cut as the blade tends to jam. One hint to users, you can tighten the blade after you install it by loosening the adjustment knop, holding the back of the saw in your hand and push the bar forward; then retighten the knop. I wish this had been in the video, would have saved me some grief.

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