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The Frog Juicer seems to be causing a "pop" sound for sound equipped engines when the wheels bridge the isolation gap.


The Frog Juicer functions perfectly when running analog engines or non-sound decoder-equipped engines. Still, there is a very slight "pop" sound when wheels bridge the isolation gap at the frog of a turnout for sound-equipped engines, which is probably the sound of a short circuit. Is this caused by the higher current draw of sound decoders such as the Soundtraxx Tsunami and regular DSD decoders?

Diagnoses & Solution

Possibly. Try placing a 0.2 ohm 1/2W resistor between the frog and the Frog Juicer. This should slow the inrush current sufficiently to let the Frog Juicer react but not cause enough voltage drop to affect the locomotives or sound units.

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