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Can you make Assembly Fixtures for rail other than Micro Engineering?

While we encourage our customers to use Micro Engineering rail to build switches in our assembly fixtures, our fixtures are compatible with some rail produced by other manufacturers as well. Rail produced by many manufacturers is 100% compatible with Micro Engineering rail and can be used in a fixture cut for Micro Engineering. Below is a table of rail dimensions for various other makes of rail.

How We Measured The Rail

All rail samples were measured using digital calipers or a micrometer and are accurate to within +/-.001".

Measurements were taken from sample rail pieces that we have on hand. All Micro Engineering samples are available as individual lengths of rail. All other sizes were removed from flextrack.

ManufacturerRail CodeHeightHead WidthBase Width
Micro EngineeringCode 400.0430.0210.039
Micro EngineeringCode 550.0560.0270.055
Micro EngineeringCode 700.070.0310.069
Micro EngineeringCode 830.0820.0320.067
Micro EngineeringCode 1000.10.040.08
Micro EngineeringCode 1250.1230.0560.111
Micro EngineeringCode 1480.1480.0610.123
AtlasCode 55 “Super-Flex” N Scale0.0550.0270.054
AtlasCode 80 “Super-Flex” N Scale0.0780.0250.053
AtlasCode 83 “Super-Flex”0.0820.0390.078
AtlasCode 100 “Super-Flex”0.10.0380.078
AtlasCode 148 “Custom-Flex”0.1460.0670.132
PecoCode 600.0640.030.049
PecoCode 750.0740.0320.067
PecoCode 800.0790.0250.053
PecoCode 820.0820.0350.067
PecoCode 83 “IL-115”0.0820.0320.067
PecoCode 1000.10.0410.086
ShinoharaCode 600.060.0250.051
ShinoharaCode 700.070.0310.07
ShinoharaWalthers Code 830.0820.040.08
Central ValleyCode 810.0810.0340.068
Right-O-WayCode 1480.1480.0620.125
Old PullmanCode 1250.1260.0650.126
S Helper ServiceS Scale Rail0.1360.0470.106
MTHMikes Train House O Scale0.190.090.192
RocoRoco “Line” Code 830.0820.0380.076
PilzCode 830.080.0320.067
TiligCode 830.0080.0320.067
C & LCode 1250.1250.0550.11

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